LypoSalve Skin Care Cream

Designed for optimal absorption, the plant-based formula with Coconut Oil and Sweet Almond Oil as the key active ingredients will leave your skin feeling hydrated and silky smooth. Lyposalve Adaptive Skin Cream is also a great healer for nappy rash, sun spots, skin damage and lesions.

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LypoSalve may topically support:

  • Modulation of fungal skin infections.
  • Skin disorders and DNA damage.
  • A reduction in skin aging, wrinkles, and appearance of age-related skin signs.
  • Improved skin elasticity.
  • Healthy skin aging.

LypoSalve can be applied topically as follows or as directed by your health care provider.

  • For lesions: Apply sparingly to the affected area/s two to three times daily. Rub in until absorbed.
  • For athletes’ foot and other fungal skin/nail infections: Apply morning and evening. Wash feet before each application. Use sparingly. As a guide, one 52ml tube should last more than a month.
  • General Use: Apply a small amount under sunscreen, skincare and makeup.

For best results use Lyposalve Adaptive Skin Care in conjunction with the Salvestrol oral supplement. To provide a comprehensive approach, we recommend oral dosing for systemic treatment alongside topical application for local absorption, to achieve an optimal response.

We do not recommend applying it to broken skin, but LypoSavle can be applied with clean hands to the surrounding area.
There are no known side effects or interactions with pharmaceuticals.

LypoSalve contains an extract from Fucus Vesiculosus which has a large and complex molecular structure with a broad range of biological activities from boosting skin fibroblast and cellular tightness to supporting the body's ability to constrain the carcinogen-activating enzyme CYP1A1. The CYP1A1 enzyme has been shown to be expressed in DNA-damaged skin.

UV damage can activate the CYP1A1 which sunscreens will support however, UV radiation can also be produced from polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) from car and truck engines; forest fires and pollution in general.

This is why we recommend using LypoSalve under sunscreen and/or your daily skin cream to support reduced activation of the CYP1A1 enzyme.

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Yes, our Lyposalve cream is good for psoriasis and dermatitis due to its anti-inflammatory action.  We also recommend taking 2 Salvestrol capsules in the morning ½ before food as this helps with inflammation in the gut. (This is not a stand-alone treatment for psoriasis, but rather part of the management of autoimmune/chronic inflammation through supplementation).

Customer Reviews

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Love this product

Howard Roe
Best ever skin care

Excellent product. Highly recommend.

Diana Hardwick-Smith
Lyposalve on a growing lesion on my wrist

The first time I was introduced to Lyposalve was when I had a lesion on my wrist that was persistent and growing. I applied a small amount of Lyposalve twice daily with a small plaster as a compress. The lesion went down and soon went away.
I apply Lyposalve daily to my sunspots on my shoulders, both as treatment and for prevention. I have had such good results I will continue to use Lyposalve and to recommend it.

Diana Hardwick-Smith
Lyposalve on a lesion booked for surgical removal

My partner had a lesion on his neck which the skin doctor said needed removing as it was growing. He booked surgery for 6 weeks time, which gave me a finite time to see if Lyposalve would help. We applied fresh cream twice daily using a small plaster as a compress. I am delighted to say the lesion disappeared (or maybe dropped off) and we were able to cancel the surgery. There was no scar left either. Fantastic.

Diana Hardwick-Smith
Lyposalve on a lip lesion

My daughter had a lesion on her lip for two years. She had tried everything natural, but it looked as though it was growing. It did not look good whatever it was. I gave her the rest of my tube of lyposalve. She applied it for awhile and next time I saw her it was gone. Miracle.