What is the nesem® advantage?

What is the nesem® advantage?

"Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food"  - Hippocrates


nesem® represents over 25 years of dedicated research into understanding plant metabolites and employing cutting-edge extraction techniques to create food-based supplements of consistent performance and quality.


But what does this mean?

When plants grow there are different phases of growth the plants undergo. The 1st phase is the growth of the plant while the 2nd Phase is when the plant flowers or fruits and ripens. It is at the end of this 2nd phase of growth when the fruit is ripening that it is attacked by several pathogens, viruses, fungi etc. It is at this site of attack that the plant will provide or over-produce molecules (phytonutrients) to protect itself against this attack.

We refer to these as molecules as secondary plant metabolites which occur at the site of  attack or challenge, it is the plants natural defence system.

Natural supplements use some sort of extraction method to extract the plant molecules/extracts. Typically, solvents are used with alcohol being one of the major solvents used in practice. NPP use a targeted approach to extract specific molecules using super critical or sub critical fluid extraction methods.

Molecules are extracted from the pith and skin of the plants as this is where the concentration of the secondary plant metabolites are found, the site of attack.


Can we get enough nesems from food alone?

 Commercial cropping has reduced nesem® extracts by:

  • Creation of new varieties
  • Picking produce green then shipping across to markets
  • Spraying of crops to reduce loss by disease etc
  • The use of fungicides or spraying in particular prelude the plant from having to produce these naturally protective compounds themselves as the chemicals used are providing the defence to the plant externally instead.
  • Genetic modification to increase yields and reduce spoiling of crops


    Consumer demands for sweeter perfect looking produce has impacted the amount of nesem® extract’s we consume in our foods by:

    • Sweet taste
    • Perfect produce – not quite ripe, no blemishes, storage methods,
    • Bright colors
    • Easy peel
    • Bigger produce 

      Remember if the plants are not being attacked, they are not producing these healing molecules or secondary plant metabolites in high concentrations.

      Organically grown produce, is reported to contain higher amounts of these health-promoting compounds due to the exposure to naturally occurring challenges from plant pests to induce a defensive response and protective compounds, phytoalexins.  However, the amount of these phytoalexins being produced and consumed is still unknown.

      There is clearly potential to re-optimise the levels of these molecules your intake from fruit and vegetable produce. The best way is to choose traditionally grown produce as these will increase the levels of secondary plant metabolites, phytoalexins/phytonutrients, but the exact intake is unclear as many factors such as growing methods, harvesting, storage etc can influence these levels.



      Unfortunately, many of our modern-day foods are conventionally grown with the use of sprays and pesticides, which result in much lower levels of these secondary plant metabolites or phytonutrients.  

      You can increase your potential nesem® content from your daily foods by: 

      • Having a vegetable garden, growing your own produce.
      • Choose organic wherever possible. Shop at markets wherever possible.
      • Choose to eat in season as much as you are able.
      • Choose produce that has ripened on the plant if possible, rather than the shelf


          Properties of nesem® extracts

          nesem® as secondary plant metabolites, phytoalexins have been identified in many fruits, vegetables and herbs which are food sources around the world. They have been shown to benefit human health and have potent:

          • Anti-cancer activities
          • Neurogenesis functions
          • Anti-inflammatory activities
          • Antioxidant activities
          • Cholesterol lowering ability



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